The Idolatry of Television

Something that has bothered me over the past few years is the rampant what seems to me idolatry of t.v. watching. Not only is it running peoples lives and schedules as it did mine years ago, what many are watching is numbing us to sin. I do not understand how believers can watch sin being acted out on television and call it “entertainment”. Even if in the end of the show “justice” is served, it is still watching usually very graphic and lewd acts. Murder, rape, molestation, adultery, the list can go on and on in the name of entertainment. Even the game shows where the hostesses are barely clothed, I am sure that does a lot for our young men’s pure thoughts they are trying to keep.

I wonder, does God approve of this? Is He okay with His people watching this stuff? I tend to believe He does not approve at all. Doesn’t his word say “Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”? I personally think that is an indication that the things we think of could and should be in line with the things we allow ourselves to watch and see. I believe the media and most of the shows out there are numbing God’s people to His Truth, to His Will and mostly to His Beauty. Not only that, the enormous amount of time spent in front of the t.v. is breaking up families.

May we be the “peculiar people” we are called to be in 1 Peter and not give in to this worlds idea of entertainment. Whatever happened to reading, playing and discussing life together? Or how about putting on plays (as Ireland loves to do), working on projects or just plain old relaxing on the couch together without a box on telling us how we should think, what we should wear and what we should like? There is so much more to life than television…I promise!!!

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7 responses to “The Idolatry of Television

  • Jennifer

    You hit it right on the nose..Tv is taking over people’s lives!! What has happen to the good ole days when people would sit around and talk together as a family and communicate? Great post!! Can’t wait to hear of the good news when your baby comes:)

  • Erin

    Amen! My thoughts exactly :-)

  • mary grace

    We gave up television eight years ago and I tell you–our eyes were so closed to what it was doing to our lives and our family! Our family is so much better without the junkfood of television. I highly recommend to all of our friends that they chuck their to the curb … but so few are willing to give it a try. :-(

  • Dawn

    Excellent post Sister!!Have you ever heard of the book ‘Ten Traps of Television’? I blogged a little about it in May on my blog. Here are 2 links so you can go check it out. is such a good book and it goes along so well with your post.!Weeknd blessing to you and your family!Hugs,Dawn

  • Anonymous

    Although I see your point, I don’t necessarily agree. There are MANY who praise themselves that they have rid themselves of the television, yet, they spend hours and hours on the Internet blogging or doing other activities on the Internet. What does God think of us who endlessly “waste our time” blogging on the Internet, regardless of the content?Any type of media can be seen and used as evil if not used in moderation. One can say, “Yes, I use the Internet, but I only use it to post helpful and non-violent information.” However, we know that the Internet also has a wide range of violence, pornography sites, sexist and racisim sites, etc. One can say, “Well, I don’t view those sites.” Well, can’t one say the same with television? Can’t one say, “I don’t watch the shows that contain the violence, murders, rape, etc. like The History Channel, The Science Channel, Discovery Channel, and old shows like The Andy Griffith Show?” I think people let television ruin their lives because they let themselves becomes SLAVES to it, just like people let themselves become slaves to money, material items, careers, and even the Internet.

  • Meghann

    Anonymous…I completely agree with you! Though I hope you do not think I’m “praising myself” for getting rid of the television. We still have a t.v. that we watch movies on and I occasionally watch with my hubby (though not like I used to!). My point was not that t.v. in and of itself is evil, its just what most of what is on there that we as believers allow ourselves to watch is. Of course I wouldn’t mind getting rid of it altogether b/c it can be such a time waster!The things you mentioned, wasting our time blogging (which I do not believe is a waste of time as long as its not running your life) and becoming slaves to all the things you said is right on…I just wasn’t writing about that this time! :) I do appreciate your thoughts and your points, they were very well stated.

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